Advertising at Q-Park

Q-Park welcomes more than 40 million visitors each year in hundreds of car parks and regions in the Netherlands. It's the perfect location to reach your target group. Discover the possibilities!

Reach Your Target Group In The Car Park

For many people, a visit to the city starts in a car park. From shoppers to office staff, every car has a potential customer. The advertising possibilities at Q-Park are endless and include:

  • Ticket Advertising
    Visitors to a Q-Park car park look at their ticket an average of three times: at entry, when paying, and when exiting. In other words, these are three moments to get your message across.
  • Advertising Inside The Car Park
    Advertise on a billboard, bus shelter or info panel placed in eye-catching locations within Q-Park car parks.
  • Flyers And Product Sampling 
    Q-Park visitors leave the car park via the exit and use the pedestrian exits. These are the perfect locations to hand out flyers or samples. However, prior written permission from Q-Park is required. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in the commercial possibilities that our car parks offer.


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