Parking and charging

The free ‘Publiek Laden app’ shows all Q-Park car park locations that offer charging points. Charging your electric vehicle is subject to the rate specified by the provider of your charging card.

  • No extra charging card required
    At Q-Park, you can charge with all Dutch charging cards, such as the TheNewMotion card. 
  • Over 170 charging point available
    More and more charging points for electric vehicles are being installed in our car parks in the Netherlands. There are already more than 170 charging points, spread out over 100 car parks.

Elektrisch laden bij Q-Park

How does it work?

Use the Publiek Laden app to check in advance whether there is a charging point at the Q-Park car park that you’ll be using. Start and end the charging session by holding your charging card in front of the charging point. The charging costs are paid via your provider; at Q-Park, you only pay the parking costs.

Online Payment Methods