Parking with your own debit card

You can enter and exit almost all Q-Park car parks with your debit card. All Dutch debit cards and international credit cards (MasterCard, Visa) that have a visible contactless payment logo are valid for contactless payments at Q-Park.



How does it work?

Hold your debit card in front of the card reader to open the barrier. From there, your confirmation of check-in will appear on the display. You don't have to go to the payment terminal before you leave because you can check out at the exit with the same debit card. You don't need to enter your PIN code, as payment is contactless. This means you can quickly and easily exit the car park.
If your parking costs are more than 100 Euros, you can pay with a credit card or you will have to go back to the payment terminal and pay with your debit card and PIN code. After payment, you can go back and exit the car park by holding your debit card in front of the card reader at the exit.

Rather pay afterwards?

Simply apply for your free Q-Park SmartCard, which you can use to park at all Q-Park car parks in the Netherlands. You will receive a monthly invoice of your parking costs in your My Q-Park account.

Request your free Q-Park SmartCard


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