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Parking in The Hague

Parking in The Hague: the political heart of the Netherlands. A city filled with stately buildings and large city parks, The Hague is a city of music and culture, a city of international significance and local highlights. There's an embassy on almost every corner – and a Q-Park car park, of course.


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What To Do In The Hague

Parking in The Hague and staying near to places of interest or events is easy with Q-Park. As the days become longer and the weather gets better, The Hague starts to fill with energy. The famous Clingendaal estate opens its Japanese Gardens and every weekend one of the many parks is transformed into a festival. The Hague is also the perfect place to reach the beach at Scheveningen. In the summer, Scheveningen is the place to swim, have fun, and soak up some sun, while the Madurodam miniature park provides entertainment for families and others. 

But if you want to discover the true reasons for why The Hague is so famous, then you should visit the historic city centre. Walk in the footsteps of the Dutch king as you pass through the famous entrance gate to the Binnenhof, the political heart of the Netherlands, feel the warmth of the World Peace Flame behind you as you photograph the Peace Palace, or picnic in the king's backyard at Noordeinde Palace. And when you return to your car after such a long day in our political capital, tired but satisfied, Q-Park's car parks are there anywhere, anytime of the day.

If you're going to The Hague for an event or to see the sites, then parking at a Q-Park is the best option. Our car parks are within walking distance of all the most important places of interest.

Parking In A Q-Park In The Hague

As The Hague is a big place and many of your planned activities are likely to be spread across the entire city, it is important to park your car in a strategic place. With Q-Park, you can choose to park your car on the outskirts of The Hague or in a car park in the city centre.

The advantages of parking in a Q-Park in The Hague

  • Always close by to popular point of interests.
  • Conveniently enter and exit the car park.
  • Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Always assured parking in The Hague.