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The city with two levels and many different faces, young and old stroll along the most beautiful canals of Europe in the wonderful city of Utrecht. The vibrant city centre of Utrecht almost looks like an open-air museum with its many historic buildings and monuments. If you're coming to visit this beautiful city for the day and need to park somewhere, then one of the Q-Park car parks in the city is the perfect solution!

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What to do in Utrecht

Parking in Utrecht near to all the popular places of interest and events is made easy with Q-Park. While the city is a popular destination for Dutch tourists, the rest of the world has not yet discovered the magic of Utrecht. This is somewhat odd, as the city has been named the most beautiful canal city of Europe several times. According to many travel organizations, even the canals of Venice can’t compete with the meandering canals of Utrecht. Discover this beauty for yourself during a boat tour along the historic Oudegracht canal. But if you're not a fan of boats, then you can always climb up the Dom Tower or take a stroll through the tranquil botanical gardens to experience everything that Utrecht has to offer. 

Lovers of historic and modern architecture can indulge their passion in this city of cathedrals. The museum district is surrounded by historic buildings, while modern buildings such as the Rietveld Schröder House are springing up like mushrooms in other places. But that's enough about culture, because Utrecht is also a great city for shopaholics! The city has many shopping streets that feature vintage shops and famous fashion brands. Festivalgoers, beer lovers, and food connoisseurs are also in the right place in Utrecht. Be sure to visit Neude Square, which often hosts small festivals and other interesting events. If you're passionate about music, then pop by the TivoliVredenburg music building on Vredenburgkade, where all types of music are housed under one single roof. Park your car in a car park near to one of your favourite hotspots or park in a car park on the outskirts of the city – but whatever you do, make Utrecht a destination.


If you're going to an event or spending a day visiting all the unique sites of Utrecht, then parking at Q-Park is the best option. You can find a Q-Park car park near all the important places of interest.


Parking In A Q-Park In Utrecht 

If you prefer to walk from the car park to the theatre or shopping street, we always have a car park within walking distance to your destination. We also have car parks located near the outskirts of Utrecht, where you can park your car and then take public transportation to the city centre.

The advantages of parking in a Q-Park in Utrecht include:

  • Always assured of a parking space in Utrecht. 

  • Always close by to popular point of interests.
  • Conveniently enter and exit the car park.
  • Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.