Park using the Q-Park app.

You enter and exit the parking facility by number plate recognition. This means no more worrying about tickets.


Everything is digital Use the Q-Park app to enter and exit the parking facility based on number plate recognition. No more worrying about parking tickets.
No more queue Use the app to automatically pay retrospectively. Say goodbye to queuing at the payment terminal.
Insight into your parking transactions The app lists all your information, such as parking transactions. It’s very convenient for declaring receipts.
Do you already have a season ticket?
Good news: season ticket holders can also use the app. This applies if you are a subscription holder or if your employer is the season ticket holder.
Park anywhere thanks to the Q-Park app

Whether you want to go on a short shopping run, travel to the office for a day, or want to visit someone, you can use Q-Park Mobiel Parkeren to park your car in one of our parking facilities. The parking time is registered based on your number plate, so you no longer need a parking ticket. You can also use Q-Park Mobiel Parkeren in the app if you’re a season ticket holder.

At this moment you can only use Visa and Mastercard within the app

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Download the free Q-Park app now and discover all the options offered by parking digitally.


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