A Household Name For Over 20 Years

Q-Park stands for Quality in Parking. Our visitors have experienced this quality for more than 20 years in our services and parking facilities, which are found at top locations in the city centres of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, and Maastricht. You can also find our car parks in business districts, as well as at hospitals, and mobility hubs. Our partners have relied on the Q-Park quality for many years. We manage all the P+R car parks at NS train stations and the de Bijenkorf department stores.


More Than 40 Million Visitors Each Year  

Q-Park Nederland welcomes more than 40 million visitors per year. We are at the forefront of the technological developments necessary to make parking as simple and as stress-free as possible. We were the first parking organization to introduce contactless payment, we are installing charging stations for electric cars in car parks, and our Q-Park app displays the number of available parking spaces in real-time. In the event of questions or malfunctions, our employees are available day and night in the Q-Park Control Room. And thanks to our operational teams, our car parks are always clean and well maintained.

Quality in parking

Your Number One Partner In Parking Solutions

Q-Park is a leading expert in the world of parking. Thanks to our knowledge, we have been a principal partner for real estate owners, project developers, investors, and municipalities for many years in the development, operation, and management of existing and new car parks. As your partner in smart parking solutions, we can create more value to your car park by making investments even more valuable, while also working to find the right balance between accessibility and quality of life. For vital cities, now and in the future.

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Q-Park Abroad

Our portfolio consists of more than 547,000 parking spaces spread over more than 2,500 car parks at strategic locations in European cities in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Great Britain and Ireland, France, and Denmark. 

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