Dear Customer,

You have been invited to start parking based on number plate recognition at Q-Park. This registration will replace your current Q-Park SmartCard, which will no longer be valid as a subscription card in the near future.

This is how it works

Complete the steps below on your smartphone to complete your registration:

Step 1.
Download the new Q-Park app. Click on one of the following icons to download the app.

Step 2.
Create a Q-Park account in the app. If you already have your own My Q-Park account, please use it to log in.

Step 3.

Once you have logged in to the Q-Park app, return to this e-mail and click on the ‘accept parking right’ button which you can find in the e-mail. You can only accept the parking right on your smartphone after you have logged into the Q-Park app.

Step 4.
In the app, add the number plate of your vehicle. You can only add one number plate per granted parking right. After adding a number plate, you will be ready to park your vehicle!

Online Payment Methods