Arrange parking for clients and business contacts

If you want to offer a good service as soon as clients or customers enter the car park, start by reimbursing their parking costs! Use the Q-Park value cards to make your clients and visitors feel welcome as soon as they arrive!

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Q-Park offers two types of value cards: 

Value cards on account

Clients and business contacts receive a value card with which they can exit the car park for free or at a discount. You receive an invoice every month that states the parking costs that you have reimbursed. This is especially useful if you often receive guests or are organizing an event.


The benefits
  • Free or discounted parking for your clients and business contacts
  • Visitors do not have to use the payment terminals
  • A monthly invoice with all parking costs (21% VAT deductible)

Prepaid value cards

You can give visitors a prepaid value card that enables them to park at a discount. Because you decide the reduction of the value card yourself in advance, you know exactly what your parking costs are at the end of the month. This is useful if you want to offer one hour of free parking, for example.



The benefits
  • Clarity about the costs in advance
  • You decide the value of the value card
  • Free or discounted parking for clients and business contacts 

Ask Q-Park which type of value card is best for your organization or order the value cards directly using the contact form.


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