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Dutch electronics company Philips brought Eindhoven fame and fortune. The vibrant scene in Eindhoven today still mainly revolves around the old industrial estate where Philips once stood. But don't be fooled, behind this modern façade hides a rich and illustrious history. On one side, this city is driven by innovation, and on the other, it is home to centuries-old churches and 140 national monuments. In the summer, fun events are always held in the city parks that host a variety of festivals and exciting activities. In the winter, people come to admire the works of famous artists like Picasso in one of the many museums in the city or the GLOW light art festival in Eindhoven. Wherever in Eindhoven you find yourself, there is always a Q-Park car park nearby! 

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What To Do In Eindhoven

An absolute must-see in Eindhoven is the vibrant Strijp-S on the former Philips estate, located just outside the city centre. Here, you'll find the Philips Stadium, trendy restaurants and cafés, start-ups, and quirky shops. The famous Dutch Design Week and FeelGood Market also take place here. In the first lights factory in the Netherlands, called the White Lady, you can find out everything there is to know about the company that put Eindhoven on the map. The carillon of the majestic St. Catherine's Church, with towers reaching over 73 meters in height, was also donated by the employees of Philips. The Muziekgebouw Frits Philips concert hall, named after the son of one of the founders of the Philips factories, is located in the covered Heuvel shopping centre on the Markt square.

But there's more to Eindhoven than the history of the Philips factory. In the prehistorical village theme park, you can travel 15,000 years back in time to find out how the Romans lived, you can visit iron-age farmers, and join in for a hunt in prehistoric times. If you love art, then visit the Van Abbe Museum, where you can admire the work of famous artists such as Pablo Picasso. But if art and history are not your thing, you can also spend the day shopping in Eindhoven or enjoy a night out in the vibrant city centre. Eindhoven has a number of nightlife areas, each with its own unique character.

Head out to the famous Stratumseind district, go for a drink in one of the famous traditional Dutch cafés on Wilhelminaplein Square, or be entertained at the Effenaar music venue. Whatever you have planned for your time in Eindhoven, you can always park your car in one of the many Q-Park car parks located throughout the city. If you're departing from Eindhoven Airport, you can also park your car at Q-Park

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Whether you want to park in the city centre or at one of the P+R car parks, there are plenty of Q-Park car parks located within and around Eindhoven to ensure that your visit is a pleasant one.

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