Parking at NS train stations 

At more than 50 train stations in the Netherlands, you can park inexpensively at a Q-Park P+R lot: 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Handy if you take the train to work or a day out. Do you have an OV-chipcard or NS-Business Card? Then you park with a discount (check the conditions). We want to make the door-to-door journey by car and train even easier and faster. That is why you can enter and exit by number plate at almost all locations.


The advantages 

  • When you enter, your license plate number is scanned and the barrier opens automatically. Handy, so you can quickly proceed to the train.
  • You get a discount on your parking rate if you travel by train with your OV-chipkaart, NS Businesscard or e-ticket. Please note: conditions apply. These can be read below. 
  • You can also take out a Season Ticket. With a P+R season ticket you are guaranteed a parking space at a P+R facility of your choice at an attractive monthly rate. 


How does it work?

You do not receive a parking ticket on a P+R facility and you cannot pay in cash. You simply enter with your license plate number and pay with your debit or credit card.

  1. When you enter, your license plate number is scanned. The barrier opens automatically* and you can park your car.
  2. When exiting, first present your OV-chipkaart, your NS-Business Card or an e-ticket for a travel discount. Check below if you meet all conditions.
  3. Then offer a debit or credit card. The parking amount due will be debited.
  4. The barrier opens and you can drive out.

* Does the barrier not open? Then offer a debit or credit card when you enter. When exiting, offer the same card to pay. 




Conditions for receiving the discount

  • You make the train journey with your OV-chipkaart, your NS-Business Card or an e-ticket. Do you check in and out with your bank card? Then you will not receive a discount. 
  • You make a domestic train journey. Discount is not given on a foreign train journey. The destination where you check in and out must both be a Dutch station.
  • You check in at a different train station than you check out. 
  • You leave the P+R faciloty on the same day as your return train journey.
  • You reach the maximum daily fare. You do not receive a discount if the amount is less than the daily rate.


Online Payment Methods