Reimburse parking costs of costumers or visitors

Reimburse some or all of your visitors' parking costs. This way, hospitality starts in the car park.

It is up to you

You decide which parking costs you reimburse and how you do it. Reimburse all costs, a part or give visitors a discount. Hand out digital or physical exit cards. Pay the parking bill in advance or afterwards. At any location, whether you organise a big event or offer customers an hour of free parking.

Prepaid value cards

Choose how many parking minutes you put on the prepaid value cards and give it to your visitor. Handy if you want to offer an hour of free parking, for example. Does your visitor park for longer? Then they simply pay for the extra parking time at the pay machine.

  • Valid for 6 months
  • €9,50 handling fee
Value cards on account

This reimburses you for the full parking duration of your visitors. You only pay for the value cards that were actually used. Simply via a monthly invoice. Ideal if you often have visitors or organise events.

  • Valid for 12 months
  • €19,50 handling fee
Online solution

Your visitors reserve their parking space online, you pay the costs. Useful if you want to offer your visitors a parking space at a specific date and time. For events, for example.

  • Everything arranged digitally in advance
  • No extra handling costs

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On-site stamping box

De Q-Park Validator is a handy stamp box at your location. With it, your customers drive out for free or at a discount.

The Validator works as follows:

  1. You choose whether your customer receives a discount, free parking minutes or a fixed reimbursement.
  2. Your customer drives in and takes a parking ticket.
  3. At the service desk, an employee stamps your customer's ticket. This settles the discount.
  4. The customer drives out with the parking ticket.
  5. You receive an invoice every month.
  • Rent for a monthly amount
  • No extra handling fee
GoodHabitz went ahead of you
"The contact and service from Q-Park is always quick and well organised. The value cards on account give us the advantage that we receive a total invoice every month, parking costs are lower than prepaid cards and customers do not have to take into account parking time in the garage. In short: a top product from Q-Park." - GoodHabitz

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