Flexible parking The Flex Season Ticket provides up to 120 hours or 60 hours of quality parking per month. Allowing you to park at your chosen Q-Park facility on any day, and any moment of the week. The Flex Season Ticket is a parking product, ideal for part-time workers or those who only work from the office a set number of days per month. 
How it works You will receive an email with instructions to download the Q-Park app. In the app you link a number plate to your Season Ticket. The barriers recognize your number plate and open automatically upon entry and exit. Do you also want to park in other Q-Park parking garages in the Netherlands? Activate Mobile Parking in the Q-Park app.
Terms and conditions
  • The Season Ticket is valid for one parking garage
  • In your My Q-Park account your hours are converted into quarters. With Flex60 you have 240 quarter hours and with Flex120 480 quarter hours.
  • Every 24 hours the overview will be updated with the number of remaining quarters.
  • It is not possible to add a Flex Season Ticket to a facility where you already have another Season Tikcet
  • You cannot transfer the remaining hours to the next month
  • If you use more parking time than you have within your Season Ticket, you will be charged the current short stay parking rate. This is automatically billed every month at the end of the month.
Flexible Do you park during the week, on weekends or at irregular times? At the same location or at multiple locations? With our Season Tickets you have all the flexibility you need. 
Cost savings With the Q-Park Flex Season Ticket you can save up to 30% on the standard daily tariff. 
Easy entry and exit Swift entry and exit using either your number plate. No need to visit a pay station. 
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