Unlimited parking from Monday to Friday Unlimited parking with the 5x24 Season Ticket from Monday (00.00 AM) until Friday (23.59 PM) at a location of your choice. This means that you are always assured of parking for a fixed amount per month.
How it works You can easily apply for the 5x24 Season Ticket online here. After your application has been approved you will receive an email with instructions to download the Q-Park app. In the app you link a number plate to your Season Ticket. The barriers recognize your number plate and open automatically upon entry and exit. Do you also want to park in other Q-Park parking garages in the Netherlands? Activate Mobile Parking in the Q-Park app.
Cost savings With a Q-Park Season Ticket you can save up on the standard daily tariff. The costs are paid in advance and are automatically debited from your account each month. This way you will never be faced with unpleasant surprises. 
Easy entry and exit Swift entry and exit using either your number plate. No need to visit a pay station. 
Always assured of a parking space From now on you can park your car without hassle. With a Season Ticket, you are always assured of a parking space. Every day, guaranteed.
  • You choose the Q-Park parking garage where you want to park. Then you choose from the different types of season tickets. The days and hours of parking here differ. For example, you can park 7 days, 24 hours in the garage of your choice, only on weekends, or only during business hours. There are many options available. You activate your season ticket in the Q-Park app and link your license plate number. During the days and hours that your season ticket is valid, you can easily drive in and out based on your license plate in the parking garage of your choice.
  • At the end of the minimum contract term of your subscription, the contract has a one month cancellation period. You can easily cancel your season ticket via your My Q-Park account on our website. That is the fastest way. Does this not work? Fill out the contact form and we will contact you. After you have cancelled or changed your season ticket, you will receive an email confirmation.
  • With a Q-Park season ticket you can easily drive in and out of the parking garage based on your license plate. You will receive an e-mail invitation to activate your season ticket in the Q-Park app.

    Activate your season ticket in the Q-Park app

    • Download the Q-Park app and log in with your My Q-Park account.
    • Find your season ticket under 'Products
    • Link your license plate to your season ticket
    • The barrier will open automatically at the location where you have a season ticket 

    In the app you will also find your QR-code. This allows you to open the entrance doors or the barriers when you arrive with another car. 

    Activate Mobile Parking

    Do you want to park outside your season ticket hours, at another Q-Park location or on the street? Then activate Mobile Parking in the Q-Park app and add a payment method. The parking costs you make outside the season ticket are directly debited at the end of each parking session via the chosen payment method.

    Watch the handy instructional video

  • With a Flex season ticket you can choose between 60 or 120 hours that you can use flexibly throughout the month as you see fit. You decide which day and time you want to use these hours. With a season ticket with fixed hours you are bound to certain days in the week or certain hours in a week.

  • You can easily request one or more season ticket here:

    • Select the type of season ticket
    • Select the location and desired start date
    • Fill in your details
    • Your request will be processed and you will receive your season ticket within 5-7 business days. 

    Would you like to apply for 6 or more season tickets?

    Then you can. Fill out this form at the bottom of the page or send us an email with your question. Our account managers will be happy to help you find a suitable parking solution.

  • With a P+R parking season ticket, you are always guaranteed a parking space at a P+R of your choice, for a fixed amount per month. Do you also have a season ticket to travel with, for example, Arriva or NS? Then you will receive a discount on your Q-Park P+R parking season ticket. This applies to all public transport subscriptions of the carrier with the exception of season tickets that give discount on travel with balance, such as Valley Advantage, Weekend Free or Always Advantage.

    You can easily apply for a P+R parking season ticket here.
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