Season Tickets


  • You decide when to use your parking hours
  • Saving up to 30% on the regular tariff
  • Always assured of a parking space
  • Easy access to and from the car park
The Flex Season Ticket provides up to 120 hours or 60 hours of quality parking per month. Allowing you to park at your chosen Q-Park facility on any day, and any moment of the week. The Flex Season Ticket is a parking product, ideal for part-time workers or those who only work from the office a set number of days per month.

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A few more benefits:  

  • Always assured of a parking space
  • Enter and exit our parking facilities by number plate recognition
  • Automatically pay after your parking session. Say goodbye to queuing at the payment terminal. 


Terms of a Flex Season Ticket

  • The Season Ticket is valid for one car park of your choose
  • The hours in your My Q-Park account are converted into quarters (15 minutes). With Flex60 you will have 240 quarters and with Flex120 you will have 480 quarters
  • The overview with the number of quarters you have left gets updated every 24 hours
  • It is not possible to add a Flex Season Ticket in addition to a parking facility for which you already have a Season Ticket
  • You cannot use the remaining hours the following month
  • If you use up more hours than you have within your Season Ticket, the hours will be charged at the specific rate of the car park. This will automatically be billed at the end of each month


This is how it works

The flex season ticket can easily be applied for online. After your application has been approved you will receive an email with instructions to download the Q-Park app. In the app you link a number plate to your account. Use the Q-Park app to enter and exit our parking facilities by number plate recognition. The wicket door? You open it with the QR code in the app. Do you also want to park in other Q-Park parking lots in the Netherlands? Activate ‘Mobile Parking’ in the Q-Park app.

* On some locations it is not yet possible to park by number plate. In that case, you will receive a physical parking pass to open the barrier.


Parking outside your season ticket hours

That is possible! Outside of your fixed hours you can simply enter and exit the Q-Park parking garage by number plate recognition for which you have a season ticket. Outside of subscription hours you pay the parking rate that is currently valid in that car park. At the end of the month, you will receive an invoice for the incurred parking costs.




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