Season Tickets


  • You decide when to use your parking hours
  • Saving up to 30% on the regular tariff
  • Always assured of a parking space
  • Easy access to and from the car park
The Flex Season Ticket provides up to 120 hours or 60 hours of quality parking per month. Allowing you to park at your chosen Q-Park facility on any day, and any moment of the week. The Flex Season Ticket is a parking product, ideal for part-time workers or those who only work from the office a set number of days per month.

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A few more benefits:  

  • You decide when to use your parking hours 
    With the Q-Park Flex Season Ticket you can decide on which day and time you use the parking hours. You can use your hours freely each month. 
  • Saving up to 30% on the regular tariff
    With the Q-Park Flex Season Ticket you will receive at least 30% discount on the regular parking rate.
  • Easy access to and from the car park
    You are given a Q-Park SmartCard with an activated Season Ticket for the car park of your choice. Use this card to conveniently enter and exit the car park. You'll no longer need to buy a ticket or stand in line at the pay station.
  • My Q-Park:
    You will receive access to your "My Q-Park account". This account contains all your invoices and details, so that you have all the latest information about your Season Ticket.


Terms of a Flex Season Ticket

  • The Season Ticket is valid for one car park of your choose
  • The hours in your My Q-Park account are converted into quarters (15 minutes). With Flex60 you will have 240 quarters and with Flex120 you will have 480 quarters
  • The overview with the number of quarters you have left gets updated every 24 hours
  • It is not possible to add a Flex Season Ticket in addition to a parking facility for which you already have a Season Ticket
  • You cannot use the remaining hours the following month
  • If you use up more hours than you have within your Season Ticket, the hours will be charged at the specific rate of the car park. This will automatically be billed at the end of each month


Park anywhere with one single card 

The Q-Park SmartCard with a Season Ticket gives you access to the car park of your choice. You can use your SmartCard to park in other Q-Park car parks in the Netherlands. Choose to activate the ‘Short-term parking Netherlands’ service when requesting your Season Ticket. You no longer need a ticket, debit card or cash to pay for parking.

The ‘Short-term parking Netherlands’ service means that you only have to pay for paying the parking rate that is currently valid in that car park, while using a single card. You are sent a monthly invoice for the parking fees you have incurred outside of the operating hours of your Season Ticket. The invoice is always sent in the first week of the month.


Where can you buy it today?

You can easily request a 7x24 Season Ticket online. If the Season Ticket you requested is available, we will send a Q-Park SmartCard – with your activated Season Ticket – by post within a few work days. The Season Ticket costs are due in advance and are automatically debited from your account every month. You will receive a digital invoice in your My Q-Park account.
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