Season Tickets


  • Unlimited parking in a Q-Park P+R facility
  • Always assured of a parking space
  • Easy access to and from the car park
The P+R Season Ticket gives you unlimited parking access to a P+R facility near a Dutch Railways (NS) train station of your choice. This is a useful Season Ticket if you often travel by train from the same train station. The P+R Season Ticket is always a 7x24.

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A few more benefits:  

  • Always assured of a parking space
  • Enter and exit our parking facilities by number plate recognition
  • Automatically pay after your parking session. Say goodbye to queuing at the payment terminal. 

Parking with a discount at NS train stations

You can park your car for a reduced rate at more than 100 train stations throughout the Netherlands, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. This is especially useful if you take the train to work or if you are going on a day trip.


This is how it works

You can easily enter the car park with your debit or credit card. You don’t receive a parking ticket. Go on a train journey within the Netherlands the same day using your OV-Chipcard or NS-Business Card– and don't forget to check in and out at the train station. You can read more information here.

Online Payment Methods